Office Meditations and Yoga to Balance Life

My mission is simple: to bring meditation and yoga into your office setting and to make the experience enjoyable and attainable for all individuals, especially those who may never set foot in a yoga studio. 

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Personal/Corporate Meditation Facilitator and Certified Yoga Instructor

Hello, my name is Renee Johnson and I am the owner and founder of OM2OFFICE, LLC and Infinite Lotus Yoga, LLC. I am a Certified Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) Facilitator and Certified Yoga Instructor who has practiced for over 20 years. I am also a proud Valley resident who has lived in the Phoenix area for almost two decades. 

How Meditation and Yoga Can Help You and Your Employees

A meditation and yoga practice has many benefits including improving focus, attention, rapid memory recall, and the ability for people to work more efficiently under stressful deadlines. Meditation has also been found to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by reducing blood pressure. 

I understand that establishing a practice of meditation is a goal that many people have, but struggle to achieve. I know how frustrating and difficult it can be to quiet the constant chatter of our minds and it is my passion to help others gain the tools to achieve this worthy goal of adding meditation to their lives.

Bottom Line: Everyone wins

Not only are these yoga and mediation sessions great team-building exercises, they can also help create a positive work environment. These sessions can also supply your employees the tools to establish a more balanced life.

In private sessions, your personal meditation goals are the focus. We will work together to develop a practice that works for you

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